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Oliver Cassell


Mr Oliver Cassell has been a Consultant Surgeon at the Oxford University Hospitals for 20 years. His NHS Practice is predominantly skin cancer & treatments of problematic cysts, lipomas and skin lesions. He has promoted the use of dermoscopy to aid skin cancer diagnosis and is co-founder of The International Dermoscopy Course for Surgeons.

He has a Masters in Surgery from the University of Melbourne for research in the field of tissue engineering and co-authors the Oxford Handbook for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. He has undertaken research in all forms of skin cancer and published widely in this area.


Skin Surgery

Mr Cassell is an expert in the treatment of:

Skin cancers (BCC, SCC and melanoma)




Skin tags and warts


Treatment Options

Consultations from £100
See and treat procedures. One stop visits from £479
Pricing and availability for multiple removals at one visit.


Cosmetic Surgery

Mr Cassell has over 20 years’ experience in cosmetic surgery of the breast and body. He specialises in breast (enlargement, reduction, uplift & asymmetry) and abdominal operations (tummy tuck and liposuction).

Consultations from £100


Hospitals & Centres

The Manor Hospital, Oxford

The Horton Treatment Centre, Banbury

The Chipping Norton Health Centre

The Brackley Medical Centre

The Manor Hospital

The Horton Treatment Centre

The Chipping Norton Health Centre

The Brackley Medical Centre



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday.

Evening appointments available.


Contact Us

Practice manager: Mrs Carole Girling

To book a consultation or for more information on pricing and appointments:

Call us on:  07528 677623

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